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AHHHHHH! Only 2 days to go!

I checked my calendar last night and promptly freaked out, its the 29th already!! I looked around at my unfinished research and my folders waiting to be read and almost gave up on myself before the month even started!! “No way, I’m not going to give up before I even start! This is what I want more than anything, you can read as you go and decide on what exercises to try each week, you don’t need to do it all beforehand” I told myself. I grabbed out my meal planner and a few recipe books and set to writing my shopping list. Tonight on my way home I’m stopping at the supermarket and grabbing my food for next week.

I know that this is my last chance before next week to get a food shop in. I’ll be going out on Friday, and I have plans for the weekend (usually so unlike me) so I need to set myself up to win.

For my main meals I am planning to allocate 400 calories and then I will still have 600 calories left for snacks, I can have 3 200 cal snacks or I can have a bigger breakfast or lunch and just have 2 snacks. I think this calorie counting is going to be hard but I know it works.

The most important thing is the write EVERYTHING down even if I’ve pigged out. That way I’ll know where I went wrong or where I need to focus on improvement. One slip is no reason to give up and mess up all my hard work.

I’m going to do a weigh in on Friday morning (tomorrow!!) as my starting point. I’m not going to let the number make me upset, it is a measuring tool only to make sure I’m on track.


10 Reasons for Losing Weight

RE-CHALLENGE TASKS 1:  Write 10 reasons why you want to lose weight.

1. Health – I know that being overweight puts me at risk of getting sick, suffering from diseases and really hurting myself for no good reason.

2. Fitness – I want to be able to park anywhere at the supermarket and know that I can take the stairs all the way up to the 4th level without dying on them. I want to know I can go for a run and feel great afterwards. I want to be able to keep up with other people and put my body in its best possible shape.

3. Size – I want to be able to fit into regular chairs comfortably. Like those skinny girls that have room for their handbag next to them on the chair. As I am now, I fit, but its rarely comfortable. I want to be able to buy clothes anywhere. I want to be able to buy cheap clothes and keep up with current styles, not have to just buy whatever the ‘big girl’ section has to offer.

4. I want to be an example to my parents and my sisters and friends. I want them to see it can be done and it isn’t as hard as we thought. I don’t want to be viewed as the biggest/fat/ugly sister.

5. I want to prove that I care about myself, what happens to me, and show myself that I matter and that I am worthy. I want to put myself first and make the right choices because its for my best interests, and its what I really want.

6. I want to lose weight so that I can feel more confident in myself and in my position at work. I feel that I have always hidden myself away because I don’t like the way I look. I feel I could do better in my career with the confidence in seeing how I can look and feel as the best me possible.

7. I want to know more about nutrition and calories. Not only what fuels my body the best, but what to avoid. I want to learn to cook more varieties of foods that will help me in my weight loss.

8. Self defence and strength. I want to know I am capable of looking after myself in any situation. I have put off learning self defence because I don’t want to look silly being bigger.

9. Travel – I see so many advantages to being smaller when it comes to travelling.  Less to pack because everything is smaller, fitting in buses/trains/planes/rides better. Needing to eat less because (normal sized portions). I’ll be fitter and healthier and able to roam around all over the place without getting super tired all the time.

10. To be myself, and allow myself to be the best me I can be. Being overweight is so restrictive, some of it is in my head but there are outside influences that crush a persons confidence and being overweight makes me an easy target. I want to be able to stand up for myself and not worry about being criticised because of my weight.

Planning Day 4

Read, read, read. Its definitely time to take some action. I know the transition into my month of madness will be easier if I start out with some exercise now. I think 3 days a week is an excellent start, I just need to choose some different things to do each time.

On another note I have been listening to an audio book about organising and keeping your house/family in ship shape. Now, I don’t have kids so a lot of it isn’t relevant to me, but I am gaining so much about how to improve myself and my own processes that its very much been worth it. Its called ‘Cleaning House’ by Kay Wills Wyma and its about a mum’s 12 month experiment to rid her home of youth entitlement.

So far it has helped me see that we are all capable of far more than we think we are, no matter our age and experience. I wont go into it too much but basically I now have a habit of making my bed, tidying up after myself a lot more and avoid clutter. Its an inspired idea and I recommend reading/listening to it.

I think I would like to get my exercise done first thing in the morning, that way no matter how my day turns out I don’t need to wait and rely on my mood to make sure I exercise. Its like my habit of making my bed, get it done first thing and I wont want to get back in it, and I’ll feel like there is so much I can do with the day.

So the plan for the rest of the week is to choose 3 days to exercise, and what exercise to do. As well as putting meal plans together.

Planning Day 3

I had some really good thoughts about my coming challenge last night. I think that a month is an excellent time frame for one thing, they say it takes you 14 days to notice any weight loss changes, and it takes others 21 days to notice the changes in you. So 31 days should be plenty of time for me to see these changes in myself as well as imprinting these new habits onto myself.

I stopped off at the library last night to drop off some (overdue) books. Needless to say that is another area of my life I need to improve – getting books back on-time. I think my trouble is making time to read and use the books before returning them, I think to myself “I haven’t read that yet it can’t be due back already” and time just slips by and they get later and later. Anyway I think I’ve found a solution to that which I’ll talk about later. The reason I mention the library is because I picked up some books to help me with the challenge and I have found some great ones!

I’ve decided to take to this challenge like I would have done with a school assignment to some degree, research, preparation, and implementation. I’ve started this morning by having a healthy breakfast followed by reading up on nutrition and taking notes. I want to know as much as possible before the month starts and be able to go to my quick references when I am having trouble or lacking motivation.

Reading about what my body needs as opposed to what my mind wants is such an eye opener and motivator. It helped me make sure I packed my lunch today and added 3 servings of vegetables, and 2 fruits. I plan to have the other 2 necessary servings of vegetables tonight with dinner. This all means I’m on the right track!


Planning day 2

So far I have managed to put together a list of goals, and smaller steps to achieving those goals. I think if I can get the planning and organising done before the start of the month I can really do this.

So for records sake my goal areas for this challenge are:

  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Food
  • Attitude

My break downs of these areas are:

Exercise for 1 hour a day within December, this will form a habit that I can then continue after the challenge. The exercise can be anything I want as long as it gets my heart rate up and adds up to one hour.

Drink a minimum of 2 Litres of water a day. I would like to reach 3L as they say you need to drink more when you want to lose weight, but those can include tea and home made lemonaide.

I want to keep track of all the food I eat, as well as planning ahead so that I can make sure I am successful with my weight loss, and also starting healthy habits. I have always had trouble planning ahead when it comes to meals and I know this is the best way to get the results I want. In these weeks before the project starts I am putting together meal plans and pre-counting calories. During the project I will write down everything I eat as well as noting my exercise efforts for each day.

More than anything its my mind that has held me back. My body wants to be fit and healthy, it wants food to fuel it. Its my mind and thoughts that have held me back and so its my attitude that needs the most work. I will be seeking advice from people who have had successful weight loss, I will read articles, and books that will help me make this important change.

So these are my initial goals and a short break down of what I plan on including in my month. Over the next few days I will break these down further so that they are easy to measure on a daily basis throughout the month.

Pre-Month Preparations

Like with almost everything else, a good start is in need of an introduction. I’m Kat, a 26-year-old female trying to figure it all out as I go along. I work full-time,  and I have enough hobbies to sufficiently insure I have no time left over in my day. I’m also overweight, and not just a little ‘over’. Unfortunately I enjoy sitting around as opposed to exercise, tasty food to the healthiest foods, and its all caught up with me.

I’ve tried plenty of different things, I’ve lost weight, only to gain it back too many times to remember. This coming month (December) I am making some huge changes in my life that will put an end to my weight gain. To keep myself on track I’m going to post here daily. So expect a few rants, sob stories, motivational quotes and pictures, as well as my methods of madness that help get me through the month.

“You cant expect to lose all your weight in a month! What are you thinking?!”

Thanks for that subconscious,  I understand your concerns. I am not trying to lose all my excess weight within one month, that would be setting myself up to fail (and I have done that plenty of times before haha). I am using this time frame to introduce key goal achieving elements so that my new choice of lifestyle becomes more routine. Then after my month, I will put together a new set of goals and a new time frame in which to complete them.

Contrary to my title I don’t believe what I am doing is mad, I need this more than anything else right now, and it’s what I want. I know it’s going to be hard, very different, tasking, annoying at times, and more often than not exhausting, but also and most importantly – rewarding. By giving myself a short time to get the basics down I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Deciding to start during the month of self-indulgence and feasting is just a happy coincidence.

As it is still November I will do my best to be as prepared as possible for the month ahead, setting up the best ways to measure my goals, exercise routines, meal plans, fun new ways to stay motivated and committed to myself.

And so commences my Month of Madness!