Planning day 2

So far I have managed to put together a list of goals, and smaller steps to achieving those goals. I think if I can get the planning and organising done before the start of the month I can really do this.

So for records sake my goal areas for this challenge are:

  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Food
  • Attitude

My break downs of these areas are:

Exercise for 1 hour a day within December, this will form a habit that I can then continue after the challenge. The exercise can be anything I want as long as it gets my heart rate up and adds up to one hour.

Drink a minimum of 2 Litres of water a day. I would like to reach 3L as they say you need to drink more when you want to lose weight, but those can include tea and home made lemonaide.

I want to keep track of all the food I eat, as well as planning ahead so that I can make sure I am successful with my weight loss, and also starting healthy habits. I have always had trouble planning ahead when it comes to meals and I know this is the best way to get the results I want. In these weeks before the project starts I am putting together meal plans and pre-counting calories. During the project I will write down everything I eat as well as noting my exercise efforts for each day.

More than anything its my mind that has held me back. My body wants to be fit and healthy, it wants food to fuel it. Its my mind and thoughts that have held me back and so its my attitude that needs the most work. I will be seeking advice from people who have had successful weight loss, I will read articles, and books that will help me make this important change.

So these are my initial goals and a short break down of what I plan on including in my month. Over the next few days I will break these down further so that they are easy to measure on a daily basis throughout the month.


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