Pre-Month Preparations

Like with almost everything else, a good start is in need of an introduction. I’m Kat, a 26-year-old female trying to figure it all out as I go along. I work full-time,  and I have enough hobbies to sufficiently insure I have no time left over in my day. I’m also overweight, and not just a little ‘over’. Unfortunately I enjoy sitting around as opposed to exercise, tasty food to the healthiest foods, and its all caught up with me.

I’ve tried plenty of different things, I’ve lost weight, only to gain it back too many times to remember. This coming month (December) I am making some huge changes in my life that will put an end to my weight gain. To keep myself on track I’m going to post here daily. So expect a few rants, sob stories, motivational quotes and pictures, as well as my methods of madness that help get me through the month.

“You cant expect to lose all your weight in a month! What are you thinking?!”

Thanks for that subconscious,  I understand your concerns. I am not trying to lose all my excess weight within one month, that would be setting myself up to fail (and I have done that plenty of times before haha). I am using this time frame to introduce key goal achieving elements so that my new choice of lifestyle becomes more routine. Then after my month, I will put together a new set of goals and a new time frame in which to complete them.

Contrary to my title I don’t believe what I am doing is mad, I need this more than anything else right now, and it’s what I want. I know it’s going to be hard, very different, tasking, annoying at times, and more often than not exhausting, but also and most importantly – rewarding. By giving myself a short time to get the basics down I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Deciding to start during the month of self-indulgence and feasting is just a happy coincidence.

As it is still November I will do my best to be as prepared as possible for the month ahead, setting up the best ways to measure my goals, exercise routines, meal plans, fun new ways to stay motivated and committed to myself.

And so commences my Month of Madness!


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