Planning Day 3

I had some really good thoughts about my coming challenge last night. I think that a month is an excellent time frame for one thing, they say it takes you 14 days to notice any weight loss changes, and it takes others 21 days to notice the changes in you. So 31 days should be plenty of time for me to see these changes in myself as well as imprinting these new habits onto myself.

I stopped off at the library last night to drop off some (overdue) books. Needless to say that is another area of my life I need to improve – getting books back on-time. I think my trouble is making time to read and use the books before returning them, I think to myself “I haven’t read that yet it can’t be due back already” and time just slips by and they get later and later. Anyway I think I’ve found a solution to that which I’ll talk about later. The reason I mention the library is because I picked up some books to help me with the challenge and I have found some great ones!

I’ve decided to take to this challenge like I would have done with a school assignment to some degree, research, preparation, and implementation. I’ve started this morning by having a healthy breakfast followed by reading up on nutrition and taking notes. I want to know as much as possible before the month starts and be able to go to my quick references when I am having trouble or lacking motivation.

Reading about what my body needs as opposed to what my mind wants is such an eye opener and motivator. It helped me make sure I packed my lunch today and added 3 servings of vegetables, and 2 fruits. I plan to have the other 2 necessary servings of vegetables tonight with dinner. This all means I’m on the right track!



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