Planning Day 4

Read, read, read. Its definitely time to take some action. I know the transition into my month of madness will be easier if I start out with some exercise now. I think 3 days a week is an excellent start, I just need to choose some different things to do each time.

On another note I have been listening to an audio book about organising and keeping your house/family in ship shape. Now, I don’t have kids so a lot of it isn’t relevant to me, but I am gaining so much about how to improve myself and my own processes that its very much been worth it. Its called ‘Cleaning House’ by Kay Wills Wyma and its about a mum’s 12 month experiment to rid her home of youth entitlement.

So far it has helped me see that we are all capable of far more than we think we are, no matter our age and experience. I wont go into it too much but basically I now have a habit of making my bed, tidying up after myself a lot more and avoid clutter. Its an inspired idea and I recommend reading/listening to it.

I think I would like to get my exercise done first thing in the morning, that way no matter how my day turns out I don’t need to wait and rely on my mood to make sure I exercise. Its like my habit of making my bed, get it done first thing and I wont want to get back in it, and I’ll feel like there is so much I can do with the day.

So the plan for the rest of the week is to choose 3 days to exercise, and what exercise to do. As well as putting meal plans together.


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