AHHHHHH! Only 2 days to go!

I checked my calendar last night and promptly freaked out, its the 29th already!! I looked around at my unfinished research and my folders waiting to be read and almost gave up on myself before the month even started!! “No way, I’m not going to give up before I even start! This is what I want more than anything, you can read as you go and decide on what exercises to try each week, you don’t need to do it all beforehand” I told myself. I grabbed out my meal planner and a few recipe books and set to writing my shopping list. Tonight on my way home I’m stopping at the supermarket and grabbing my food for next week.

I know that this is my last chance before next week to get a food shop in. I’ll be going out on Friday, and I have plans for the weekend (usually so unlike me) so I need to set myself up to win.

For my main meals I am planning to allocate 400 calories and then I will still have 600 calories left for snacks, I can have 3 200 cal snacks or I can have a bigger breakfast or lunch and just have 2 snacks. I think this calorie counting is going to be hard but I know it works.

The most important thing is the write EVERYTHING down even if I’ve pigged out. That way I’ll know where I went wrong or where I need to focus on improvement. One slip is no reason to give up and mess up all my hard work.

I’m going to do a weigh in on Friday morning (tomorrow!!) as my starting point. I’m not going to let the number make me upset, it is a measuring tool only to make sure I’m on track.


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