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Ground Zero – Day 31

Its the last day of the Challenge and I’m sad to see it come to an end. I have had good days and great days, mixed with some bad days and some crap days. Over all this month I had managed to lose 2kgs, put 1.5 back on, and then finish up having lost the 2kgs in total. So over the month I lost 3.5kgs total but with some up and down movement.

I have managed to change my water drinking habits and increased what I drink over all, I am very proud of that.

I have taken to walking more often and I have some walking buddies I can rely on. I have loads of tips and advice on how to do better in improving my over all health and I’m loving it.

Time for Challenge 2!! I’m really going to up the exercise in the challenge and try out some new recipes. Hello January ūüôā


Sunday – Day 30

A BBQ for the family and a warm sunny day. I really had a good time and was feeling much better. Still taking the¬†nausea suppressants as I don’t feel¬†completely¬†back to normal, but they are just a back up in case I’m not fully recovered yet.

I’ve been making sure to drink plenty of water¬†because¬†gastro is known to dehydrate you for sure. At least the weather has been lovely, I don’t mind the heat, I’d much rather it be warm rather than cold.

On that note I better rest up so that I can actually manage a walk today, this no exercise business¬†isn’t¬†going to help my challenge!

Getting better – Day 29

Still not feeling 100% but a lot better than yesterday. I had more soup for lunch and I seem to be able to keep my food down which is such a good feeling. You don’t think about this kind of thing until you get sick. Its like when you get a really bad cold and all you can think about is feeling well again, how good it was not to have to blow your nose every minute.

You¬†don’t¬†know what you’ve got until its gone that’s for sure.

I’ve also purchased some new vitamins to help in my on going recovering into better health. I needed a few extras that I had run out of and some things I didn’t have before.

I haven’t taken them yet as I don’t¬†think¬†I will be able to absorb all that much given the gastro, but at least I’m prepared!

Almost a new year, daydreams, and tasty things – Day 28

2013 is going to be a good year. I know I have said it but I really feel its true. Before I know it I will be back at work and falling into the old routine, but not all the way back. No more snacking on too much food or unhealthy snacks at work. I’ll be taking the stairs more and making sure to get up and move at every opportunity.

Today was a horrible day, a huge realisation that I¬†haven’t¬†been taking care of myself and my body deciding it needed to take some real action against me. I somehow managed to catch a viral form of gastro (not¬†contagious). I was a very sick girl all morning before my boyfriend decided I had to go to the Dr. He was so good looking after me, its times like that you are grateful that you surround yourself with the best people. I¬†couldn’t¬†keep anything down all day, luckily the Dr gave me some¬†nausea suppressants and I managed some soup in the evening.

I asked the Dr if there was a preventative measure I could take, but he said they¬†don’t¬†know what¬†causes¬†this virus. I had been to my Naturopath¬†earlier in the year¬†because¬†of and upset stomach (luckily it¬†wasn’t¬†as bad that time) and she had diagnosed the same virus then. She said it is¬†caused¬†from a bad diet and your body being unable to keep up with everything.

Needless to say I’m off the soft drink, avoiding fried foods, and will¬†endeavour¬†to cook all of my own meals for the next few weeks. I really need to look after myself!

Edging closer – Day 27

Weighing in and its looking good, I have managed to maintain (and lose a little) weight over the Christmas break! Yes I could have done better, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my sleep or tasty food any further in order to get there. This month hasn’t been about crash dieting and losing as much weight as possible. Its been about being concious of what I do and eat so that I can make better choices. Its been about learning and gaining knowledge.

I have managed to get fitter and I realise that I want to keep my gym membership and get the most out of it. I know that lifting weights is essential to getting into shape and thats what I’m going to do.

4 more days of the challenge to go! I’m going to start writing my next challenge ūüôā

No more meat! – Day 26

After having Christmas lunch, followed by left overs for dinner, followed by left overs for lunch at my¬†boyfriend’s¬†mum’s house its safe to say I wont feel like a roast for a long time.

On another note I tried my first ever¬†Brussels¬†sprouts, I don’t know what my mum had complained about, they are quite nice (especially when cooked with onion, bacon, and butter!).

Now that the big day is over I’m focusing on setting my plans in place for the coming year. Its all about taking action and doing small steps to achieve your goals. I was looking back over 2012 and there¬†wasn’t¬†much I liked about it. Of course there were good points and very good times but it¬†wasn’t¬†a great year when I look back over it as a whole. There were a lot of tears,¬† I didn’t know what to think or how to react to new things. But this year I can see things more clearly. I’m going to be able to look back over 2013 and know that it was a success, and that I made it all happen.

The Big Day – Day 25

FOOOOOOOD everywhere! An early morning walk, some coco pops for breakfast, a shower, a HUGE lunch (Turkey, ham, lamb, veggies), and some left overs for dinner.

Over all it was such a great day. Loads of talking and catching up, good food, great weather, presents all round.

Merry Christmas!!

On the eve of Christmas – Day 24

I have been crazy busy setting up for Christmas day and cleaning up the house I’m sure that has to count for exercise. We have loads of veggies planned for the big day as well as our usual meats that I’m sure I will manage to stick to a healthy diet – its just the portion sizes I need to watch!!

Its been great being home with my family, we have been encouraging each other to walk and keep up the exercise even though the days are getting warm and its easier to sit around.

My one downfall has been drinking a can of coke with dinner each night. Its no good and I know it. On the plus side I wont be having much after xmas because I wont be home much. But then I need to make sure not to fall into holiday mode and forget to make better food choices! I think I need to memorise some staple foods and their calorie content so that I can know what the best choices are. Thats a good idea!

Exercise, Christmas planning, and a little cheer – Day 22

If there is one thing that helps me to get out and do some exercise, it’s being able to go with a friend, or in today’s case my sister. We had discussed wanting the new year to be different, she is going to Thailand and wants to lose some kgs before she goes, and we decided action is the best first step.

This has to have been my first big bit of exercise in a while and it felt great. The only real trouble I have had today was with food. I found myself looking for things to eat even when I wasn’t hungry. It has to be because I’m home for the holidays and avoiding cleaning up the house. That and my brain starts going crazy obsessing over things that have been going on and I look to distract myself with food.

But I have cleaned out the junk food so there are limited options for me to pig out on. I’m going to the shops tomorrow so I can stock up on good food.