Mess and Madness Project Day 1

Well its Saturday here in Melbourne Australia and the official start to my Messy Mad month. I’ve taken off very easily to say the least. A huge and might I say well deserved sleep in this morning followed by spelt toast with tuna (I realise that tuna isnt a breakfast type food generally but it wasnt exactly early in the morning, and I have gotten use to it and its quite tasty).

So not too bad on that front. Being the weekend I wasnt as energetic as I could have been, I’m partly blaming the heat which was followed by a storm – both not the best walking weather.

I had a 6inch roast beef sub for lunch, as well as drinking loads of water. I stayed away from too much sugary and fatty food.

I’ve been doing some more reading up on the best foods to have as well as the kinds of exercises that will be the best to achieve my goals.

Bring it on!


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