A messy exerciseless Sunday – Day 2

Yet again I slept in and didnt get out and exercise today. A good friend of mine had a concert from 2pm until 6.30pm so most of my day was wrapped up in being there for her.

I had 3 wholemeal rolls, with ham and lettus throughout the day, followed by 2 chicken squars on salad for dinner. How healthy was that?! I wasnt feeling hungry at all and I managed to avoide any carbs before bed. There were baked potatoes and some bread stick (love love LOVE bread! But its a weakness that fills me out) that went with dinner but I was able to stop myself from getting into those.

I think saying ‘its just for a month’ is the best thing for me. I hate denying myself tasty food (emotional eating issues also being addressed) so being able to say I can have it when the month is up is a good way to tame my urges. I have no intention of getting back into all that bad stuff at the end of the month, so I want this month to train me to say no more easily and to already be used to avoiding those bad foods.

Setting my alrms for 5.30am Monday morning, lets start this week with some full on exercise. I hope to do a walk/jog around the lake (2.6k) followed by some weights at gym, a shower and breakfast!


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