Boomish – Day 4

Well I was up at 6.15am and my dog was too excited to come for a walk. When you ask him if he wants to come for a walk his ears prick up and he gets this look on  He lost his excitement a tad when I decided to add in a bit of jogging. He thought I would prefer to stop and wait while he sniffed all the trees.

So that was 30mins of exercise this morning, I’m so proud. I’m hoping to go for a 10min walk at lunch which will help add to my hour. If I add in 5 to 10mins doing stairs before I head home I’ll just need to grab my weights when I get home and polish off another 10 to 20mins. I really want to make sure I do my hour every day, its the second constancy that I am relying on to make sure I lose weight this month.

I need to arrange a better winding down system after work though, I haven’t been sleeping well and I need to make sure I get enough sleep so that I don’t want to sleep in and miss out on a work out. I know I have a lot of things on my mind but I need to be able to focus on sleep and not lay awake thinking.



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