Sooooo sleepy – Day 5

So I must have used up all my energy for the week already because I’m exhausted!  I’ve been going to bed earlier and getting more sleep but I still feel tired all day. I’m putting it down to the sudden change in what I’m eating and addition of exercise. I haven’t been starving, if anything I’m eating loads more healthy food than normal to make sure I don’t binge on bad food. I think it will be best if I start taking plenty of vitamins and stick to my new habits to make sure its not just low B and Iron. That’s what happens to me usually, I start feeling really tired, I see the Dr who says I’m fine, then I see the naturopath and she says I’m low in Iron and B, I start taking them and I feel loads better.

So I’ll just cut out the middle men, save myself some money and get onto the vitamins. It has to be that because I always forget to take them when I’m feeling good and then I start to feel crap again. Yet another habit I need to develop, especially if I want to make progress and succeed.

I didn’t get up in time for a work out today due to the tiredness and having way too much on at work to try and over-do it. I have set up my tablets ready to take in the morning so tomorrow I should be feeling much better.

I’ve learnt today that I need to focus more on what I eat, when I eat, and my water intake even when I haven’t exercised.


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