No Need for Speed – Day 6

That’s right, there are no rushing into a drastic weight loss fads here. A small bit of exercise this morning (a few stairs) and my body seems to still be catching up on the lack of B and Iron so I’m still feeling sleepy. But with a huge day at work I’ll get a bit more exercise than usual anyway.

I had a begle with cream cheese and salmon for breakfast today. I have packed some tuna casserole and a salad too so I can have 2 smaller meals today and not stress too much about having to have a late dinner (if at all). I have taken my extra vitamins and I’m expecting to feel a lot better by the weekend.

As part of my reward for doing such a great job this week I am going to dress up and make myself feel even better. The weather is suppose to be even better this weekend so I can wear a dress.

That is something I’ve realised this week too. You need to feel good in what you wear as much as you do within the body you are managing.

Drink more water!


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