Feeling good Friday – Day 7

I slept so well last night I finally feel like I’m catching up on everything. That’s good too because I have a weekend of being good ahead of me and it can be a struggle.

My main focus will be to keep up my 1 hour of exercise a day and avoiding afternoon carbs. To do this I am going to get things done in the morning – exercise before it gets hot, eat plenty of healthy filling foods to keep me going and not feeling the need to stuff my face in the afternoons.

Today has been a good day so far, I’ve had toast with philly, tomato, and ham for breakfast and I’m getting a good start on drinking water, done half a litre already and its only 10am.

My bad is hurting me a bit today but I’m sure its the extra weight I had put on. I haven’t really done much exercise since I put it on so my body is struggling to keep up. I lose it soon enough so I’m not worried about ongoing pain.

I do want to exercise out some frustrations though, but I’m stuck at work until 5pm. Its times like this when I wonder if I should dive into a different industry, one that would help me maintain my weight a lot easier. Something like a personal trainer and motivator. It feels wrong to jump right into something like that though before I have even done it all myself. But maybe doing the training and getting the knowledge will help me get there. I don’t know, its a lot to think about.

At this stage I’m still up to reviewing my goals for next year and deciding on what I want to accomplish, then I can see where my career fits into it.


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