Super hot Saturday – Day 8

Well it hit 37 today and was super windy! I managed to go for a shirt walk in the afternoon once the weather cooled a bit. I haven’t managed my full hour of exercise which is against my rules. I seem to fall out of myself over the weekends. I turn into this thing that wants to please others, sleep all the time, and eat non stop.

I’m messed up in my head about this and about other things, more than anything I want to succeed. But I keep holding myself back by putting it all out of my mind. I had hot chips today, but a very healthy lunch and dinner – spelt toast for breakfast, then homemade turkey burgers for dinner.

I don’t know how to separate my feelings from what I want to eat. I get these angry thoughts when I start to stop myself from wanting something bad or just pigging out on all these foods and all my thoughts say I can have whatever I want, why should I deny myself when this is what I want.

Is it because I suppress other aspects of myself? Is this just the breaking point and the quick fix?

I am going to do more reading on emotional eating and see if there is some kind of process I can put into place. I hate knowing I am the reason I haven’t lost weight and that each angry mood just sets me back further from my goals.



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