Make a mess Monday – Day 10

Well its day 10 of this crazy adventure and I have no idea if I have lost weight yet. Yes I forgot to do my weigh in. But I will do it when I get home!

I had a healthy breakfast and I have an extra healthy lunch planned – ham and salad! I caved a bit this morning and had an ice coffee – it wouldn’t have been so bad if I made it myself and cut out half the sugar, but I didn’t, it was a dare ice coffee. Non of the excuses I have make up for the fact that I have consumed this extra drink. I want to say “I’ve had a tough time and I needed it, its only 1 drink, I’m tired from a late night and I needed it to wake me up so I can work, there is calcium in it…”.

BUT Monday is a brand new week, and a new week brings a new start and a change to improve. I have already picked up some food ready to do a better job this week. Its excellent weather which means lots of walks and plenty of sunshine.

I am not going to let anything get in the way of what I want. Getting this right is my top priority this week. I’m going to stop off at Office works after work and pick up my 2013 calendar ready to budget and goal plan (after I have taken the dog for a walk though!).


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