Trying Tuesday – Day 11

You know when you get this idea in your head and you can think about nothing else? That was me yesterday. The problem was it wasn’t a helpful obsession, I was angry about something and kept thinking about it and thinking about it. Why couldn’t I be obsessed with finding new recipes or memorising calorie content? Why couldn’t I want to exercise every chance I get and join all kinds of teams?

No I find emotional frustrations and I curl up and forget all about my goals. Why do I make it so hard for myself?

On the plus side I weighed myself last night and… drum roll… I lost 0.5kgs! That’s in one week people!! YAY! It was definitely the change in breakfasts and lunches, but even more than that its the addition of exercise that has me feeling pretty good. I know it isn’t much of a loss over all (but fantastic for week 1!) but I can feel a difference in my body already. Now I’m gearing up for week 2 and better changes!




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