Forgiving Friday – Day 14

The end to a week and the start to the weekend. This has to mean I get another go at meal plans and exercise.

I seem to be having trouble remembering what I want most over what I want right now. Is this the kind of thinking that needs therapy? Is there a way to train yourself to think more long term and less in the moment? I know we need to live in the now because otherwise we can get too wrapped up in the past, or too focused on the future and we forget to live. But I want to live a certain way to insure I have much more life to live.

I think I need to dig up some¬†affirmations to memorise and recite to myself. More than that I need some to help me silence all the negative thoughts that go on inside my head. Ooo! I’ve just done some searching and found the below info, this will come in handy.

Nix the Negative Self-talk

When you start to think this… Tell yourself this…
I can’t I can and I will
I’m too tired I have the energy
I don’t have time I make time
Exericise is too hard I love being active and healthy
Losing weight is impossible I can and I will lose weight
I hate dieting I like making healthy, satisfying food choices


Here is another one that provides 100 days of affirmations. I’m not sure this would be as helpful for me as I want to memorise a few so that I can pull them to mind every time I start to think off track. But I will be reading these to give me some ideas.


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