Why am I still having trouble – Day 16

I really thought I would be in the swing of things by now but I’m dragging my feet. I know that change is difficult and hoping to completely reform myself within one month was a big ask.

Lets recap what I have managed so far:

– at least 2 litres of water a day; I have managed this at a minimum, and some days more.

– exercise 1 hour every day; I have done at least half an our of exercise every day in some form, but I know this isn’t what I set out to do and this area needs real improvement.

– Clean eating; I have had fish and chips, pizza, burgers, and wedges… I haven’t stuck with my alternatives even though I know they are there to be had! Most of the time when I have caved its because I think eating this with someone else will make them happy. How messed up is that?! I keep eating crap food because I don’t want to push my changes on anyone else. Well I need to have a sit down with myself and everyone else and just come clean about my clean eating goals.


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