Hump day decisions – Day 19

I was talking to a friend recently about our goals and things we want to do in the new year. I’ve always set a weight loss goal for myself. It’s either a dress size to reach or a number, as well as the kind of fit I want to be – running however far, being able to cycle to here blar blar blar.

But my friend said she found putting a specific target on it too hard. She said she just wanted to be ‘healthier’. To me that goal isn’t specific enough. How would you know when you reach it? How do you plan to get there? I could start doing one extra day of gym a week and I would be ‘healthier’ than I was before, but I know I have further to go than that.

I guess its a case of each to their own. If she finds that target all she needs then that’s great. Everyone is different and we all work differently. Who am I to preach my way of doing things when I haven’t always managed to reach my goals.

As for today I’m going to make a healthy dinner and sit down at the table with all my goal and project information. Tonight I make my plan for the new year.


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