Fabulous Friday – Day 21

I just love it when Christmas comes around. I’ve been working very hard this year and I know its definitely time for a break. But I mean a break from my full time job, not my healthy lifestyle changes. Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll be going to gym, eating a healthy breakfast and contemplating my goals for 2013.

Its easy to get wrapped up in holiday mode and forget what you are trying to achieve. I’ve done it every year and that is part of the reason I am this way to start with. Each year I relax and indulge over the holidays, gaining weight and falling into my new size without even realising it.

I will refer to my 10 reasons for losing weight whenever I start to crave or feel the need to over eat or slack off on exercise. I will have far more energy with not having to do 8 hours of work every day so this is my chance to really dig in.


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