Exercise, Christmas planning, and a little cheer – Day 22

If there is one thing that helps me to get out and do some exercise, it’s being able to go with a friend, or in today’s case my sister. We had discussed wanting the new year to be different, she is going to Thailand and wants to lose some kgs before she goes, and we decided action is the best first step.

This has to have been my first big bit of exercise in a while and it felt great. The only real trouble I have had today was with food. I found myself looking for things to eat even when I wasn’t hungry. It has to be because I’m home for the holidays and avoiding cleaning up the house. That and my brain starts going crazy obsessing over things that have been going on and I look to distract myself with food.

But I have cleaned out the junk food so there are limited options for me to pig out on. I’m going to the shops tomorrow so I can stock up on good food.


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