No more meat! – Day 26

After having Christmas lunch, followed by left overs for dinner, followed by left overs for lunch at my boyfriend’s mum’s house its safe to say I wont feel like a roast for a long time.

On another note I tried my first ever Brussels sprouts, I don’t know what my mum had complained about, they are quite nice (especially when cooked with onion, bacon, and butter!).

Now that the big day is over I’m focusing on setting my plans in place for the coming year. Its all about taking action and doing small steps to achieve your goals. I was looking back over 2012 and there wasn’t much I liked about it. Of course there were good points and very good times but it wasn’t a great year when I look back over it as a whole. There were a lot of tears,  I didn’t know what to think or how to react to new things. But this year I can see things more clearly. I’m going to be able to look back over 2013 and know that it was a success, and that I made it all happen.


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