Almost a new year, daydreams, and tasty things – Day 28

2013 is going to be a good year. I know I have said it but I really feel its true. Before I know it I will be back at work and falling into the old routine, but not all the way back. No more snacking on too much food or unhealthy snacks at work. I’ll be taking the stairs more and making sure to get up and move at every opportunity.

Today was a horrible day, a huge realisation that I haven’t been taking care of myself and my body deciding it needed to take some real action against me. I somehow managed to catch a viral form of gastro (not contagious). I was a very sick girl all morning before my boyfriend decided I had to go to the Dr. He was so good looking after me, its times like that you are grateful that you surround yourself with the best people. I couldn’t keep anything down all day, luckily the Dr gave me some nausea suppressants and I managed some soup in the evening.

I asked the Dr if there was a preventative measure I could take, but he said they don’t know what causes this virus. I had been to my Naturopath earlier in the year because of and upset stomach (luckily it wasn’t as bad that time) and she had diagnosed the same virus then. She said it is caused from a bad diet and your body being unable to keep up with everything.

Needless to say I’m off the soft drink, avoiding fried foods, and will endeavour to cook all of my own meals for the next few weeks. I really need to look after myself!


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