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The end of challenge 2! – Day 31

Three kilos down and only 17 more to go before my birthday in August. Having these challenges in place has really helped remind me where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. Its one thing to think about my birthday – so far away in August – and another thing to know my goal for the month, week, or day to help get me to that end result.

Every day I am noticing how my body feels lighter and clothes are fitting better. It gets easier to walk up hills and stairs, I feel I have come a long way since the end of December already.

I have managed to steer clear of a lot of my old bad habits  for the better part of this month. It has only been these last few days that I have been feeling stressed and I have caved and eaten some chips and chocolate. Luckily I am making better decisions so even after scoffing those foods I went and exercised to burn as much of it away as I could. I also reminded myself that taking that kind of action when stressed is not the answer, it is a band aid that covers up my stress for a little while.

I have discovered that I have more strength, both physically and mentally over these last few weeks than I ever thought I had. I have also realised that there are times when I need to let go and just see how things pan out, I cant control everything so there isn’t a point to worrying all the time.

I am looking forward to next months challenge and it will be a real task to make sure I keep up with my fitness and healthy eating while tackling a new task!


Feeling under the weather – Day 30

Only 1 more day of my January challenge to go! I have come pretty far this month, I’m making healthier food choices and getting out there and exercising. I’m feeling pretty good overall.

Even though I have done so well and changed so much, I can’t seem to move this bad mood that I have been in for the past couple of weeks. I’m angry and suspicious and upset all at once and I haven’t been able to shake it. I think it might have something to do with my change in diet? And maybe just emotional ties to some of the unhealthy foods I have always turned to. In some ways it feels like my head is resisting the changes I am making and it is using some of my weaknesses to turn me back onto the old path I was on.

So far I have been able to stay on track and move forward at a reasonable pace. I think I might be coming close to another break down unless I make these changes clear and tell everyone that this is what they need to expect from me from now on.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting together a break down of my months work, my achievements and successes as well as what I have in store for next month.

Task filled Tuesday – Day 29

I had set my alarm for 6am, but considering I got to bed well after 10pm I shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t get up until 7am. Still not too bad considering I have been getting up around 10am all weekend.

I was ready and in my exercise gear by 7.30am and decided some breakfast would be the best first step to the day. Deciding that it looked like rain I thought it best to go to gym for a work out rather than some walking/running. Only to change my mind again to go to the shops first and get a few errands out of the way before I got all smelly at the gym.

Errands done, and heading back to the car I get a call to let me know I need to get home and let the dog out. I guess its just one of those days. I headed home, let the dog out and decided some gardening would be my exercise this time around. I pulled, trimmed, cut, and squashed everything into the garden waste bin.

I had subway for lunch right before my back started hurting. It must have been because I didn’t wear proper supportive shoes all day on Monday – dammit! It was really achy so I decided to sit and watch a movie while fixing some buttons back onto some pants. It was twingy all afternoon and it felt worse into the evening  An early night is the best idea I think, I’ll get up and head to gym and hopefully the exercise will warm up and help my muscles tomorrow.


Public Holiday fun – Day 28

I love a public holiday, knowing you would have been at work on any other day. The hardest part is knowing there is so much more stuff I could be doing with my time and yet I sit around talking and watching tv/movies.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself though, everyone needs to take it easy some times. Its just that I’ve been taking it easy all weekend and now I want to get some things done.

I’m so glad I have a RDO tomorrow. I have an ever growing list of things I want to get done and it will be nice to have an entire day for it.

I’ve made some good food choices today, when we went out for nandos I had the garden salad with grilled chicken. No deep fried chips, no battered chicken, no bread rolls, none! I’m so proud of me!!

Meal consistency, dirty walks, and annoying talks – Day 27

Australia Day has come and gone and I wasn’t camping.  I had wanted to go and do loads of bush walking and swimming and just being outside a lot. I think its good for your health to get outside like you do when camping.

But with the fire season around I didn’t want to risk being stuck out in the bush where fires are prone. I did manage to go for a long walk, it was very dusty and naturally I wore sandals, needless to say my feet were filthy!

I haven’t been having breakfast, and when I do its at lunch time. I’m sure this is not good for me. But I am still having issues with trying to get to bed earlier on weekends. I want to be stronger and be able to tell people, I’m going to bed now, your opinions don’t matter to me and I am on my way to becoming the person I want to be. By objecting to what I want you are preventing me from being that person.

Its hard enough to change myself when others are always pushing their ideas at me.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! – Day 26

Well its Australia day and so far I have had a massage, a pedicure, and a chicken schnitzel roll! I haven’t been drinking alcohol like so many of my fellow Australians. I’ve sort of just come away from it over the last few years. I have always been more of a social drinker, and I guess I don’t get out as much haha.

No, if anything I drink less because of all those calories! I’ve taken to avoiding drinking my calories as much as possible, and avoiding alcohol is just another addition to that. I may also have too clear a memory of one party involving jelly shots, and the mother of all hang overs *shivers*.

Anyway, I managed another walk today, if only a short one due to the prospect of rain. I need to catch up on my food and exercise journal if I am to see where I can improve and where my real progress is being made.

Fabo Friday – Day 25

Gymming in the morning gymming in the evening gymming at supper time! haha Actually I only went to Gym in the morning, but I did a hell of a workout.

I’ve packed healthy food for the weekend and arranged a massage for Saturday! I cant believe its nearing the end of the month already, I’ve been making great progress with general fitness but not as much progress on the running front. But I am getting fitter in general so that in itself will help me become a better runner.

I’ve overcome a lot of personal struggles and I am very proud of how well I’m doing.

Hot days, missed chances, and swimming pools – Day 24

36! Its going to get to 36 today with a strong warning for bush fires. Most of the year I adore where I live, it’s a mixture of vineyards, native bushland, suburbia, and not all that far from the city. I have to say we don’t have all that many natural disasters that occur near us to need to worry about which is nice. But when summer comes around there is always a large chance of bush fires, and today is no exception.

We’re as prepared as possible given the circumstances, we have a ‘get out early’ plan with a back up to rescue the pets should no one be at home. But I think today will be alright. I’m headed to the pools tonight after work yippee! I haven’t been in weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Its such a fun way to exercise and get fit.

Conventional infidelity is called adultery. The definition of adultery according to Webster’s Dictionary is simply “unfaithfulness to the marriage bed”. Google definitions characterize adultery as “extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations.” In both cases, some kind of sexual activity is needed to claim adultery.

While the cases I cited, and other indiscretions that evoke rage from my female clients do not necessarily have to do with sex, all carry strong hints of secrets, betrayals and sexual tension between male and female. Emotional cheating is not about the act of sex but it is about becoming intimate with a member of the opposite sex. The men focus their energy, attention and daydreams towards someone other than you. You begin to feel deceived, unattended and discounted. While you are concerned about the possibility of sex, it’s the friendship that he’s developing with ‘her’ that leaves you feeling hurt the most:
Why is he talking to her when he should be talking to me?
Why is he focusing thoughts on her when he should be thinking of me?
What does she have that I don’t?

Wickedly restful Wednesday – Day 23

Isn’t it nice getting up late but still having way too much time to get ready for your day? I had time to update my food journal, read, do some washing, and still leave early for work!

I am so proud of these changes, they are doing me wonders. I have had a bit of trouble with my emotions accepting these changes and the fact that I miss out on other things.

But this quote is a fantastic reminder of why I am making some small sacrifices now, to get what I want later:


dont give up

Tuesday that feels like Monday, but should be Wednesday – Day 22

Today has felt very weird. It has felt like Monday all day but I keep reminding myself that its Wednesday, BUT its Tuesday!

I was up early again this morning which was a great effort. We did a lot of running and cardio and my legs are killing me after all my work yesterday too. I think I can give gym tonight a miss seeing that I did a great work out for my arms yesterday. They say you need to give your muscles a rest day to ensure they have time to repair so I’ll do that.

Wednesday is my real rest day but I did actually do some exercise today so its not like I’m taking a day off. I think that is why I like exercising in the morning so much, I’ve already got the exercise out of the way!