Walk/Running – Day 2

I read a book late last year about a man that started running in his 50s. He was overweight, a smoker, and very much a couch potato. But he decided to challenge himself with the task of becoming a runner, it took time and dedication, but he got there. The trouble with most running books and articles are that the people in them are just unfit, or they had been a runner in the past but haven’t done it in years. I just couldn’t identify with these people. Now I’m only 26, but I am very much over weight. I don’t want to hear about skinny people spending a few weeks training and then being in great running shape, its not going to be like that for me so I want to read about how to stay on track for the long hall, how to stay motivated when you’d rather assume your usual spot on the couch.

The book is called ‘No need for speed; a Beginner’s Guide to the joy of Running’ and it was written by John Bingham. Originally I had borrowed it from my local library, but I purchased my own copy knowing I wanted it as a reminder and reference guide. If you are umming and arring about weather or not you could be a runner, get this book.

Anyway what I really wanted to get to was that this book recommends walk/running. Its a method of walking for a bit, mixed with running for a bit, to build up your ability to run for longer distances. That is this weeks goal for me, building up my ‘walk’ into a walk/run.


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