Green Tea, sugar dreams, and butter – Day 3

I need to quit butter. Its ruining my life with its creamy delicious consistency  and the way it melts on toast or a muffin or on fresh banana bread…

Ahem, yes I need to stop eating it because its one of my binge foods. If I cant have it on bread I will usually skip the bread all together which isn’t a bad thing seeing that its usually an afternoon snack thing for me. Today I’m doing better though because I have made sure to have some afternoon tea! I usually get to 3.30 and I’m not really that hungry yet, and I figure its only a couple of hours until I go home for dinner anyway. Not the case! I get home and I’m starving, I eat whatever I can get my hands on, then dinner too.

I’ve been reading up on the different health benefits of foods and I have taken to drinking green tea all the time – so good for me! I like the tea making process, its soothing and rewarding all at once. I’ve been putting less sugar in my regular tea also, I don’t think good tea really needs it, its more a craving I have for sweets that makes me want it in there.

I’ve swapped milk too, I now drink unsweetened almond milk which is completely delicious and very good for you. Its dairy free and has a much lower fat content than other similar products.

I’m procrastinating about running at the moment. I just want to skip the getting into it bit and be into it, you know? I want to just be the kind of person that gets up at 5.30 so there is plenty of time for a run before starting the day. And then I think to myself, I can. My fitness level is the only thing holding me back and to fix that I need to move and take action. Go ahead and get up at 5.30am and get some exercise done first thing. You have never tried it, how do you know if you’ll like it or not? (This is where my subconscious kicks in and says, pfft that’s early, you don’t do early mornings, that’s why you’re fat). Well shut up subconscious I’m going to do it anyway, you can go sit in my brain corner and think about how you’re going to make it up to me when I prove that I can do it.



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