10 reasons why I want to be a runner.

As a part of this months Challenge I want to put in writing the reasons I want to be a runner. Having it here means I can look at it any time and remember why I am doing it on those tough days.

1) I want to love it. I want to wake up each day knowing I can throw on my clothes and shoes and head out to do something I am capable of, and something I love. Yes there will be hard days, there are with everything, but overall it will be awesome.

2) I want to see new sights, there is so much to experience outside and getting out there and running new tracks has to be a great way to see it.

3) Weight loss – Running burns more calories than any other form of exercise. To me its pretty obvious that running will help me get into shape, lose weight, and also allow me to enjoy food. If I’m doing more exercise I can still enjoy treats every so often and still maintain a healthy figure.

4) Physical fitness. I want to be fit enough to run a 5k, and maybe one day a marathon! Running strengthens muscles and bones, it helps your digestive system, lungs, heart and blood flow. I feel so blar when I don’t exercise, it would be excellent to be able to just run – no matter where I am.

5) I want to be really awake in my life, not just stumbling through. I always feel so much more awake after early morning exercise. I feel every muscle, I see clearer, even my morning shower feels better (and well deserved)!

6) I’d like to meet more people and feel involved in something outside my current life. I have friends from school, family, and work friends but I haven’t got any friends that I have made from mutual interest in an activity. It would be inspiring to know people who run and it will help me to be more dedicated.

7) Save some money. The only real expense is the gear, and once I have that its not an ongoing cost like the gym. I suppose marathons also cost to enter but I would still be saving money over all.

8) Fresh air and vitamin D. I spend most of my time inside and it isn’t often I get outdoors to get some sun and fresh air which is not good for me.

9) De-stressing, and time away from technology. At the moment I don’t do enough to help myself unwind, my stress just keeps building and I know that sweating it out would really benefit me. I work on a computer all day, I blog and email when I’m at home, I text my boyfriend and friends… it would be nice to have a hour each day when everyone knows I’m running and that I wont be available  I’ll also feel like I’ve earned my rest days, rather than feeling guilty the whole time because I haven’t worked out all week.

10) I want to achieve this goal. I have set up a number of goals over the years, and I always complete the big ones, it sometimes takes me longer than originally thought but I get there. Getting this goal crossed off my list will be fantastic.


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