Strange Saturdays – Day 5

I always start out with the best intentions. This is a challenge that I don’t want to get lost along the way and lose interest. I know that I’ll enjoy running, it’s something that inspires me, something that can make me feel fully in control of my body.

The other side of feeling in control of your body is the food side. I am very pleased to say that I made a great choice for dinner on Friday night. We went out to this gourmet burger place we have been before. Normally I would go for the garden chicken burger and chips – it’s not the worst thing you can have but the deep fried chips and burger bun are not really the best thing to have with dinner, all those carbs. I happened to look at the menu and noticed they also did salads. I shouldn’t be surprised that so many places do salad, but having always been a burger/Parma/sausage roll and chips kind of gal I never really looked.

It was a delicious salad, grilled capsicum, rocket, and Cajun spiced chicken, so tasty.

I didn’t get much walking in due to my car breaking down after work on Friday, sometimes these things just happen. I did go for a 20min walk today though so it’s not all bad. After the 40deg heat on Friday a nice 27 deg was very welcome.


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