Why so slack Sunday – Day 6

I still don’t have weekends down. I stayed up late and slept in, again! I don’t eat enough of the right stuff and I let my emotions decide to have a box of shapes and 3 choc mud cookies. Overall I was within my calorie count for the weekend, but none of it was what I should have had to reach my goal.

But to stop that I need to have a planned splerg meal each week. If I plan it it will be within my calorie¬†allowance. Monday night is meal plan night! I’ve got loads of print outs and I need to get really focused and get through my to-dos. If I just keep the list small I can get it done, not get bored, and make a great start to the week.

Here is the list:

– Plan every meal and snack for this week.
– Write a grocery list.
– Write a list of everyone’s birthdays.
– Get Library books together to return.

All up this should only take about 1.5 hours, then I can do some of my other project bits. I will go directly home, set up a table with all the paperwork I need, make a cup of tea and then get down to it. I’ll need to break for dinner so I plan to have the meal plans done by then, and have also completed my shopping list.

Yep, this is the week that starts them all.



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