Runner Guide – Tips for warming up

Runner’s World have provided this great info about running for beginners! I have grabbed out some things I found helpful, and provided the link to the full article below.

GET GOING Warm Up Well

Treat yourself like a runner—from day one. That means taking time to properly warm up and cool down. “A good warmup makes it much easier to get going and keep going,” says Kastor. “It’s much more than just boosting blood flow to your muscles.” Your neuromuscular system, which involves your brain telling your muscles how to contract, gets up to speed. Your body starts churning out fat-burning enzymes, which help your aerobic system work more efficiently. Synovial fluid warms up, which helps lubricate your joints. “Too many beginners skip this step without realizing how much easier it makes the whole workout feel,” says Kastor. Cooling down, while less critical, allows your body to gradually adjust from running back to a resting state. “Just a few minutes of walking is all you need to let your heart rate return to normal and for your body to clear out any metabolic waste you created during your efforts,” says Kastor.

Two Ways to Warm Up
Spend five to 10 minutes on these simple movements to prepare your body for your run and help prevent injury
WALKING Go at a moderate pace
ACTIVE STRETCHING Side lunges, walking lunges, butt kicks (jog in place, bringing your heel high as though trying to kick your butt), skipping.


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