Tuesday Training – Day 8

Can you believe its my second week of this challenge already? This week is proving to be much better than last week. My sister and I were up at 5am today, the sun slept in and we couldn’t see much until about 5.15am. By all accounts I don’t need to be up at 5am, I leave for work at 7.50am so 5.30 is more than early enough for me. But my sister has to leave for work around 6.15am and in the spirit of team work I got up earlier so that we could manage the walk together.

More walking mixed with jogging and a few sprints today, it felt really good. My legs were a lot easier to stretch out 20mins into it which is good. My feet seem to be taking on a bit of the work though because they have been a bit sore on and off. I know I’ll need new shoes but while I’m starting out I want to wear out my current shoes so I don’t waste money buying more before I’m done with these.

I also realised I need to invest in a watch, preferably a waterproof one with a light, and possibly some kind of small bag so that I can bring keys, my phone, and water with me. I’ve just been carrying my water which works for me, but if I’m going to get a bag anyway I might as well get one I can put my water in too.

I have noticed that I get hungry earlier than usual now that I’m getting up earlier. Although it could also be that I have sped up my metabolism too due to the exercise. I’ve been making sure to have healthy snacks throughout the day so that I don’t get starving, but its weird feeling hungry throughout the day. I’m use to feeling a little hungry before a meal, and if I skip a meal, but this is more consistent  and food hasn’t been helping! Maybe it means my body is working hard to turn my fat stores into energy, lets hope thats it!

Last night I put together my meal plan for the week! And after gym tonight I’m going grocery shopping to get a few more bits. I also went through my stash of food and there is still a lot of stuff I have, I’ll be able to make do with quite a bit which is excellent for saving money.

I think Wednesday should be my rest day, but I’m concerned that I might lose my motivation. Once I get a taste for sleeping in its hard to say no. I guess that is just another hurdle I need to overcome. I might still get up early but do some yoga.


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