Pilates, Bagels, and a gallon of water – Day 9

I’ve been drinking so much water lately I’m surprised there is any left! I put it down to this hot Melbourne summer, it has reached more than 40 degrees Celsius at least twice so far this summer. Although we have a little relief today, 20 deg C and plenty of rain. It worked out to be an excellent day to have a break from walking. I had set up my yoga mat ready for some Pilates this morning, when I saw the clouds and heard the rain when I woke up this morning I felt sooooo good. I slept in a bit more than usual too, I finally got up around 6.15am, but I’m sure I could have stayed in bed much longer.  I didn’t sleep all that well. I think it was a mixture of being uncomfortable and bad dreams. I’m surprised I didn’t hear the rain at all during the night, apparently it was pouring down.

It has been raining so much overnight that on my way to work today my car went and spun out. I’d say there must have been a mixture of oil and water on the road and my turning the corner was just a slippery addition. This is the first rain we have had in weeks so I shouldn’t be surprised it was slippery this morning. Me and my car are fine, luckily I managed to stop and then turn up onto a bus stop, turn back around the right way and continue on my slow and steady way. It freaked me out for sure, I have never had that happen before. I have skidded my tyres before, and once I sort of floated through this puddle, but I was still going in a straight line that time.

Well live and learn.

Speaking of learning, have you ever tried bagels? OMG yum. I’ve been calorie counting like a crazy person lately and I have to say they are a great breakfast option. I’ve read articles saying they are terrible, articles saying they are brilliant, comparisons of their content etc etc. But given they are within my calorie count, and you are suppose to have carbs in the morning especially, I’m keeping them in my meal plans.

Bur its cold! Time for a cuppa 🙂



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