Crazy Thursday – Day 10

Getting up at 5am to walk around training in the dark? Yes please! My sister and I are total nuts! We were up and out of the house at 5am (dog in tow) and headed to the local oval for some walk/running.

Thank goodness there is a netball court near the oval or we would have had to wait for the sun to send up a bit more light before we could get started! We did a solid 15 minutes of jog/run/walking around the court, then made our way to the oval for a lap. I’ve been enjoying all this morning activity, the mornings are so cool and fresh, I don’t even miss my bed!

I think winter will be a different story, I will have to put an action plan into place that includes a different schedules  The days are a lot shorter and colder so I am going to want to do more gym in the morning I think. Anyway its only the middle of summer! I can arrange that later.

For now I am going to drink lots of water and focus on healthy eating!


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