Immensely impressed Friday – Day 11

Can I just say I am loving this week?!I have exercised every day! And my only real slip up was having a dare ice coffee yesterday with lunch, and pasta for dinner. I did only have a smallish serve but I know having it at night wont do me any favours.

I was up early AGAIN today, made my way to gym and everything! I spent 20mins doing warm up cardio, then 25mins doing weights and core strength work, then another 7 mins of cardio to cool down. I had planned to do a final 10-15mins but I was busting for the loo.

I’ve just finished a low cal high protein breakfast and I feel really good! My body feels energised, I think I can feel a bit of weight loss already! So exciting. I just need to remember all this hard work over the weekend so that I keep up my good work. I want to see an excellent number on the scale come Monday.

I have taken a few steps to help prevent my usual weekend problems. First off I have packed runners and comfy clothes to work out in. I don’t expect myself to go all out but I do plan on getting some walks in. Secondly I have packed some mineral water, organic plain corn chips, and tea so that I have no need to purchase bad stuff, like soft drink, potato chips, coffee with milk and sugar etc.

I’ve also put together a little mantra to repeat to myself all weekend. It goes a little something like this: I believe in myself, I will only eat food that takes me to my goal.



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