Doggy daydreams and exercise machines – Day 15

5.30am is looking better and better. That sounds weird even to me and I’m the crazy person doing it. I have always hate mornings but look at me now! Lets just say I’m determined and leave it at that.

Its like getting a new piece of exercise equipment, you need to research what to buy, put the money aside to get it or pay it off once you have it, make room in your house for it, etc. I’ve decided that I want to achieve the goal of becoming a runner, so I needed to research how to go about it, get fit, put money towards shoes etc, make time for it in my day etc.

I think making time in my day is the major reason I have been able to stick with my training. If I hadn’t made some big decisions and changed the way I did things I would never have been able to stick with it. Its like getting that piece of new equipment for your house. The idea of it is fantastic, but if you don’t clear space for it you wont have room to use it and achieve your goals.

I haven’t actually purchased any new equipment, my gym membership handles all of that stuff. If I did decide to get something it would end up being a new bed for my dog, he sleeps on anything! I bet he is napping the day away today having gone out early with me this morning.


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