Resting – Day 16

Don’t you just love a rest day? My rest days are Wednesday and Sunday and I think I enjoy them even more because I know I have worked my ass off to deserve them.  Back in December I hadn’t planned on having specific rest days, then again I wasn’t exercising as much as I am now. December was more about total health and wellness – getting the food, mindset, and exercise right so that the months following would be easier. It absolutely helped set me up for this months challenge.

I chose Wednesday and Sunday as my rest days because they are an ideal distance apart and I usually like to really slack off and rest up on a Sunday. I still like to go to bed at the same time during the week so on a Wednesday morning I lay in until around 6am and then I have been doing some pilates, just taking it easy mind you. It is a rest day after all.

I’m really enjoying using ‘myfitnesspal’, if you have trouble tracking what you eat and you’re not a fan of measuring/calorie counting this is the website/app for you. A lot of products are already on their database and it makes recording your eating much MUCH easier. When you complete a day it even tells you how you will go if you keep eating the way you did that day. Its great for both good and bad days, if its a good day it shows you how well you can do within 5 weeks if you keep it up, alternatively if you have had a bad day it shows you how much you weight you could gain if you keep going in that direction. It really motivates me to keep doing well and watching my calories, as well as the quality of those calories.


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