Heat waves, crazy hair, and iced coffee – Day 17

So I’m getting my hair done tonight, its been overdue for a while but I finally booked it in a few weeks ago. I’m doing something a little different this time around, I’m going to go a warm lightish brown all over, and then get the ends done purple, and maybe 2 other purple foils. Isn’t that fun! I haven’t done anything different with my hair in ages. Its really long at the moment too so I think the purple will really make it pop!

So anyway the reason I mention it is that I realise I need to make sure I feel good about myself now, this isn’t a thing to put off until you reach your goal. Of course I will feel awesome once I reach and then continue to maintain my ideal fitness level, but I also need to live in the now and appreciate each step forward. In going through this challenge I have noticed small changes in myself already. They are very small changes (hey I’m only on week 2 of this extra exercise) but they make me feel fantastic and on track. They say it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change in yourself and then 12 weeks for other people to notice. So I need to feel good about myself and stick to it. And getting a new hair style is just part of the personal reward.

One of the main reasons I have kept my hair long is because I have this inner vision of being one of those skinny/fit girls at the beach, hanging out in my bikini with my long hair. Something along these lines:

skinny beach hair

(blonde hair optional) Feeling me?

I ran to the shops to pick up some fudge ready for my purpleisation and I grabbed myself an iced coffee knowing the drive back to the office would be a warm one (its going to be 39deg C today!). Did you know those things are about 850 calories??? That is before you add cream to the top! Which of course I didn’t. I have settled for drinking half and ditching the rest. I couldn’t believe it! That is like my breakfast and lunch calories!! No wonder I have managed to put this weight on, I always thought they would have been ‘bad’ but I have never compared it like that before. Thank goodness I have a healthy salad and left over chicken patties for lunch (290 calories :)).


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