Restless nights – Day 19

I hate staying up late and then sleeping in all morning in the summer. For some reason it makes me feel all congested, groggy, and tired. I also like to get the most out of the sunlight hours. It’s much easier when I am at home and I can go to bed, maybe watch a movie, then fall asleep nice and early ready to see the cool morning.

I need to work on my ability to tell other people what I want, why I want it. My problem is that I haven’t fully convinced myself of the whys and how’s of it all. How am I suppose to stick with it if I don’t really know why?

Of course that isn’t completely true, some of the whys are stated above. Why should I have to stay up all night just because my friends prefer to do that? I want to spend time with them but if that means changing the person I am should I just find people I gel better with?

Putting that into the ‘too hard’ basket for now.


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