Hot days, missed chances, and swimming pools – Day 24

36! Its going to get to 36 today with a strong warning for bush fires. Most of the year I adore where I live, it’s a mixture of vineyards, native bushland, suburbia, and not all that far from the city. I have to say we don’t have all that many natural disasters that occur near us to need to worry about which is nice. But when summer comes around there is always a large chance of bush fires, and today is no exception.

We’re as prepared as possible given the circumstances, we have a ‘get out early’ plan with a back up to rescue the pets should no one be at home. But I think today will be alright. I’m headed to the pools tonight after work yippee! I haven’t been in weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Its such a fun way to exercise and get fit.

Conventional infidelity is called adultery. The definition of adultery according to Webster’s Dictionary is simply “unfaithfulness to the marriage bed”. Google definitions characterize adultery as “extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations.” In both cases, some kind of sexual activity is needed to claim adultery.

While the cases I cited, and other indiscretions that evoke rage from my female clients do not necessarily have to do with sex, all carry strong hints of secrets, betrayals and sexual tension between male and female. Emotional cheating is not about the act of sex but it is about becoming intimate with a member of the opposite sex. The men focus their energy, attention and daydreams towards someone other than you. You begin to feel deceived, unattended and discounted. While you are concerned about the possibility of sex, it’s the friendship that he’s developing with ‘her’ that leaves you feeling hurt the most:
Why is he talking to her when he should be talking to me?
Why is he focusing thoughts on her when he should be thinking of me?
What does she have that I don’t?


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