Meal consistency, dirty walks, and annoying talks – Day 27

Australia Day has come and gone and I wasn’t camping.  I had wanted to go and do loads of bush walking and swimming and just being outside a lot. I think its good for your health to get outside like you do when camping.

But with the fire season around I didn’t want to risk being stuck out in the bush where fires are prone. I did manage to go for a long walk, it was very dusty and naturally I wore sandals, needless to say my feet were filthy!

I haven’t been having breakfast, and when I do its at lunch time. I’m sure this is not good for me. But I am still having issues with trying to get to bed earlier on weekends. I want to be stronger and be able to tell people, I’m going to bed now, your opinions don’t matter to me and I am on my way to becoming the person I want to be. By objecting to what I want you are preventing me from being that person.

Its hard enough to change myself when others are always pushing their ideas at me.


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