Feeling under the weather – Day 30

Only 1 more day of my January challenge to go! I have come pretty far this month, I’m making healthier food choices and getting out there and exercising. I’m feeling pretty good overall.

Even though I have done so well and changed so much, I can’t seem to move this bad mood that I have been in for the past couple of weeks. I’m angry and suspicious and upset all at once and I haven’t been able to shake it. I think it might have something to do with my change in diet? And maybe just emotional ties to some of the unhealthy foods I have always turned to. In some ways it feels like my head is resisting the changes I am making and it is using some of my weaknesses to turn me back onto the old path I was on.

So far I have been able to stay on track and move forward at a reasonable pace. I think I might be coming close to another break down unless I make these changes clear and tell everyone that this is what they need to expect from me from now on.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting together a break down of my months work, my achievements and successes as well as what I have in store for next month.


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