Fab Feb! The writing desk Challenge

This third Challenge is going to be very different from my previous 2 challenges. This month is going to be all about WRITING!

I am keeping up with the progress of my previous challenges, a healthy lifestyle isn’t the kind of thing you put on hold. I will continue to eat well, exercise, and drink plenty of water. The only real difference is that I will be putting my spare time towards writing!

For the past couple of years I have been working on a novel. I break from writing for months at a time so it should be no surprise that its not even half way complete, if that. My aim and goal is to have the first draft written by August this year. So I figure dedicating Feb to the cause will give me the boost I need.

Due to the amount of writing I will be doing I will be reducing my posts to once a week rather than daily. I am replacing the time I would have spent blogging with working on my novel. You can see from my list that this is one of the tasks I need to complete before my birthday so I hope you forgive the lack of posts for this month.

So bring on February and a fantastic month of writing!


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