Challenges, Challenges – Week 2

Can I just say PHEW! It has been madness this week and I have been working my butt off to write as much as I can, and still I feel like I’ve done nothing! This challenge is turning out to be a pretty tough one that’s for sure.

I suppose the part I am having the most trouble is with time and space. With keeping up with my other commitments I only have maybe 2 nights a week that I can focus on writing. And when I finally get to that point I cant find an area to feel comfortable enough to write. The house is always full of people, usually in the living room off the kitchen so its impossible to focus there. And the lighting in the other living space is terrible I can hardly see what I’m doing.

I know that a good writer wouldn’t blame their tools, I should be able to write anywhere. But I get irritated that I don’t have a place I can focus and I have some trouble coming up with what I want to say, having a place for this would make things so much easier.

I think I need to implement a word count goal though. I seem to be fluffing around here and there and not really sure of what should come next. I have also been feeling that not writing very much is not enough and it makes me want to avoid it all together.

Back to basics. I need to have a word count target for each week, possibly broken down into daily targets too so that I can really feel the forward momentum. Then I can review what I have done and decide what area needs work next. I also need to get back on my vitamins! I have been so tired and sluggish that when I have time to write I’d much rather be sleeping.

This week is going to be a better week!


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