Success and Failure – Week 3

I have had a fair share of success this week, but mixed with plenty of failure too. I had to work all weekend so that cut out most of my writing time. Having more of a plan with word count was a real help though, even if I didn’t have time to write every day its much better to be able to hit that small goal and feel good about that.

I’ve also put together a pinboard on pinterest for pictures that inspire me to write. That has helped me keep some focus when I’d rather be cruising around the internet wasting time. Wasting time seems to be a theme of mine this week. I have been so tired I’m going to bed at 8.30pm and the early mornings are really taking their toll.

I have a week off booked for March, I’m hoping that even though Feb was my writing challenge month, I’ll find more time during my holiday to write more. I can’t over book my expectations of myself for this holiday, after all it is only a week. But I will be spending plenty of time on my own so I want to have plenty of things to occupy myself.

I still don’t have one completed chapter. My style of writing seems to flow in dribs and drabs all over the place rather than from the start to the finish of a chapter. Maybe that is a reasonable goal for this coming week. Focus on one chapter and get the first draft written. If I get inspired to write another section the I’ll work on it for the sake of my word count, but my focus needs to be on the chapter at hand.



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