A day like any other day

So it’s a Monday and I’ve done really well with my meal plan. I packed myself two salads with plenty of protein just like Kathleen recommended. I was running a bit late this morning so I didn’t have a shake, I had some oats when I arrived at work.

I need to work on my morning motivation and making sure I get out of bed to do those essential morning tasks. At this stage I keep sleeping in and not ticking off some of the helpful weight loss things like having lemon in water first thing.

I feel like I keep stopping myself from making real progress. Like I feel that leaving this comfortable zone brings on fear and I instinctively change my course. I think stress is one of my biggest hurdles too. I put too much on my plate and then I literately put too much on my plate to try and calm myself down.

Annnnnyway, time to make some dinner and do some more work. I will pack some lunch for tomorrow though!


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