What will tomorrow bring…

I love that its almost the weekend. I’m so tired I could easily go to bed as soon as I get home. But I have a few changes to see to and so bed will have to wait.

I’ve already started on my ‘getting up earlier’ goal. There is no reason I can’t start it at the end of a week. I think it will make next week easier too. My alarm is set and ready to go, lets hope the rest of me is as ready.

It really feels like I’m allergic to exercise. But is that just because as a society we are use to having every pain and symptom treated? If there hadn’t been so much research done on how exercise is good for you, I would think we would be avoiding it. It makes you sweat, itch, ache, and its hard.

The truth is we are just too comfortable. We avoid being uncomfortable at all costs, no matter what it does to our bodies or our minds.

The challenge I have set myself for the weekend is to do a cleanse with tea and aloe. This isn’t some fad or a juice cleanse, its just adding more drinks into my day to help clean up my gut.

Fun times!


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