Week 1 (6 Week Challenge)

So this week I need to burn 1.66kgs (3.6 pounds) to be on track for my 6 week challenge. I have decided to review things on a Friday so that I can have a fresh start before the weekend ahead and do my best to make better decisions when it comes to the kinds of foods on offer on weekends.

So how will I achieve this weight loss?

Diet & Exercise.

What will I do/change about these things to actually reach my goal? Clearly what I have been doing hasn’t worked.


I will stick with my protein and salads to give my body the fuel it needs without loads of calories it doesn’t need. Protein shakes for breakfast at 7.30am each day, healthy snacks, salad and protein for lunch, and salad or veggies for dinner. Given that the weather is getting warmer here I crave salads, I just need to watch the tasty additions like dressing and sauces. Same with my protein portion sizes. I can do this.

As of this minute I’m only going to drink water or herbal tea for the next 6 weeks. This will be hard to remember as I always go for a tasty fizzy drink when I’m out. I’ve just made myself a note on my hand – hopefully that will help remind me!

Water water water! When your results depend on you having enough water I know I am doing well by just drinking it! 2 litres a day minimum!!


With the color run coming up I’m going to be doing as much walking as possible over the next 2 weeks to make sure my body is prepared. I think it will be the weeks after that I need to make sure I keep up the good work. Its always easy to feel I’m finished once I reach a goal like that but I want to keep the momentum going.

I’m adding swimming and other fun sports to help keep myself motivated.

Also I know muscle burns fat, so I’ve got some weights that I will be lifting daily to help build up my strength and burn off the weight.

How will I track my progress? 

I have created a journal with each day of the challenge listed ready to record exactly what I have eaten, how much water I have had, and what exercise I have done. At the end of each week I’ll review my progress and write about it here.

My weekly posts will also have information about my plan for the following week and what I will be doing to make better progress.


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