Week 2 (6 Week Challenge)

Big week for me this week! I’ve only had to work 2 days with Cup Weekend and now I’m at the beach for a long weekend with one of my girlfriends!

Last Week in review:

Well what a week I’ve had! It’s been crazy busy finishing things at work, more so considering I’ve only had 2 days to get 5 days worth of work done! I have been completing my food journal but I have to admit I have really been slack with my walking. Even with the color run looking I haven’t made more of an effort.

I’ve made a huge effort to drink more herbal tea and water, but again I caved to old habits and had soft drink over the weekend. I don’t know what cracked my resolve, I was so determined not to have it and then I just did it.

I also gave this detox drink a go to help lose some of the bloating I have felt:

60 oz of purified water
2 tablespoon’s lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar free cranberry juice
1 dandelion root tea bag

All you do is eat normally (still on the healthy side) and drink one of these teas a day. It helps to reduce water weight and as I’ve been drinking plenty of water I know my body still has what it needs every day.

So loads of room for improvement this week, but I think I have given myself too many things to change at once. I need to focus on just one thing, like drinking 2L of water and not drinking any soft drink. I can have Soda water and mineral water so there is no need to crave other fizzy drinks.


What I’ll focus on this week:

I know I love to eat out and I usually forget portion sizes when I am thinking about all the delicious foods! BUT I think it will be good for me to think more about my budget too while I am away. I’ll be checking 2 things off my list by watching my spend AND what I eat.

Also I have been struggling with getting my steps up to 10,000 every day so I need to make more of an effort with that. My fitbit is charged and ready to go!

More then anything I want to start being that person I envision myself to be. The fit and healthy women that makes good choices. I want to be the person I keep telling myself I should be. So that will be part of my method of staying on track, I’ll ask myself “would the ultimate me do this?”.


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