My dream for 2015

I have 2 years until I reach my 30th Birthday. Last year, turning 27 didn’t seem all that big of a deal. But this year, turning 28 and knowing I haven’t achieved things I wanted to makes my stomach ache.

Don’t get me wrong I have achieved HEAPS these last few years. But there are some big milestones I want to be able so reach before my 30th. For example, I want to live in my own place. I know I wont have paid it off from the bank by that stage but I want to live in it and know that is will be mine. I want to reach my goal weight of 65kgs and be super fit, super healthy, and addicted to exercise. I want it to be where I turn when I’m stressed or worried. I want to spend my 30th at the beach (Fiji? the Caribbean? I can dream) with close friends sharing drinks, stories, and a well deserved break.

I have lots of smaller goals but these are the things I want to do over the next 2 years. These are the goals I want to help shape my life and help me be the person I want to be.

I have most of my deposit for the house, I am really hoping to find something this year and I can get stuck into my weight loss. I feel like that kind of change will really help me get some new routines in place. Making sure I eat right and exercise. There needs to be a safe running track or park near the house so I can really get on track.

I want this so bad but when I am presented with temptation I cave and eat take-out or I skip gym. If it was easy it wouldn’t build character right?

Heres to making my dreams come true in 2015.


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