Meeting, measuring, and falling

So I was suppose to meet with my wellness coach last night for a catch up, weigh in, and get measured. BUT she was running late and missed our appointment time so that was that. I was a bit glad as I know my numbers wouldn’t have been great this time, but it was also disappointing because I know I’ve done better so I was interested to see where I was up to.

I ate a lot of junk over the weekend, on Sunday I felt so crap I made myself drink loads of water and I went out and got some tea to inspire me to drink it instead of bad stuff. I have managed to cut out the soft drink (again) but for some reason I just had to have burgers on the weekend.

I’m headed on holiday as of Sunday and I’m excited to make some more progress on my walking and eating right. Given I wont have a car I’ll have to walk more. In the past I have always lost weight while on holiday so lets hope I keep that up!

Anyway I just wanted to check in and let you know what’s been going on.

Peace out.


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